The Medea Winery

A moment of inspiration, a moment of relaxation, a moment of pleasure – a moment of passion. That is how we see wines at the winery Medea.

A moment of passion. It is exactly how we like to see wines at the winery Medea. We like to call them a moment of passion towards everything in life associated with wine – gastronomy, society, culture. In one word, people. Wine is the one thing that connects us all, makes us laugh and is part of our daily life.

We are a young winery in the suburbs of Pula. We are a young team bound by the love for two things, wine and Istria. Therefore we stand behind fresh and pleasurable wines, a reflection of the best we have here – a rich soil and grapes that grow out of it. Medea is what evolves, inspired by our people, by the climate, by the bond between the continent and the Adriatic, by a rich gastronomic and cultural tradition.

We believe that everybody should have the right to enjoy a good wine. Because it communicates our place, our tiny part of the universe. It is our desire to convey this message, this aroma of tradition, outside our borders as well. Therefore the name Medea stands for quality, genuine and accessible wine.

We invite you to join us in the moment of passion. For us, it is a reflection of a whole Istrian life, pleasure, relaxation and inspiration.

Medea team

"Be yourself; everybody else is already taken."
- Oscar Wilde


A Taste of Medea Wines

Medea is a moment of passion locked in a bottle, created to make every occasion special.

Medea stands as the name of our six wines made from the following grape varieties: Malvazija (Malvasia), Chardonnay, Rose, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Teran.

It is about fresh wines intended for intimate moments, for lunch, dinner or relaxed socializing on the one hand, and on the other, equally intended for professionals who will serve them at wine bars and restaurants. We made Medea accessible to everybody. These are quality wines, able to satisfy the demanding wine lovers, as well as those who are just about to enter this world.

Medea stands for a blend of indigenous Istrian and international varieties, because the Istrian soil has always, like the Istrian man, looked outside the way it looks within itself – genuinely and proudly.


"I like on the table, when we're speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine."
- Pablo Neruda


Our Vineyards and Wine Cellar

The first things that catch your eye are the rich Istrian soil and its vineyards from which Medea wines stem.

Just a walk through one in a range of our vineyards, which spread over a total of 60 hectares of land, is enough to breath in the fragrance of grapes and the Istrian spirit of culture, tradition and heritage laying within.

TAt the winery of Vodnjan the grapes are sourced from the nearby vineyards in the suburbs of Medulin and Pula, grown by top experts, connoisseurs of the Istrian soil and grapevine. Thus, Medea wines represent a bond between the Istrian soil and the Istrian man. Istrian Malvasia and Merlot are the most widely planted along with smaller vineyards of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Teran. The climate here is Mediterranean, with warm and dry summers and approximately 2400 hours of sunshine per year. Winters are mild and pleasant, and the snow is rare.

Such conditions are a privilege given by nature. We treat it with respect, modesty, and use this richness sustainably. The cellar is the place where we collect information from the field in the form of grapes. This is best known by young experts of our winery of Vodnjan, which spreads over 1000 sqm, with a capacity of circa 400 thousand litres, equipped with cutting-edge technology that enable the making of unique and passionate wines. Every our harvest is different. We treat every harvest individually, with respect towards its virtues, qualities and weaknesses.

A common feature to all our wines, as well as to our whole business philosophy in the vineyard as well as in the cellar, is the creation of a quality product of our terroir – whose base is the Istrian agriculture as well as our cultural and historical heritage. For any table of this world we create modern wines based on a centuries-old Istrian tradition! - our winery

"When you really want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
- Paulo Coelho


Where to Buy and Taste Medea Wines

Taste and buy Medea wines at the following locations:


How to Reach the Medea Winery

To be in contact with you is important to us. If you share with us the passion for wines of Istria, feel free to contact us.